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Dearest TV, I think we need to see less of each other.

21 Sep

It’s not you, TV, its me.  I need to focus more on myself right now.

I long ago came to terms with my TV addiction.  I can stop at any time I want! *twitch twitch*  Well, I think it’s time to reevaluate my time spent in front of the tube.  It has been a dear friend, default entertainment, and an excuse not to use my brain to its fullest.  No more!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going cold-turkey here, but I vow to myself- I will only watch TV when there is a specific show I want to watch.  No more channel surfing to find something decent to watch or settling on an OK show On Demand simply because I want to be one with my couch and look at pretty pictures flash in front of me.

I came to this decision yesterday when I got home from work.  Hubby was working late so it was just me and the kitten.  My natural inclination was to walk in the house, play with Daisy for a few, grab a snack, and sit down on the couch.  Who cares if the house is a mess, my library book is due, there’s laundry to be done, and other projects are calling to me.  Luckily, yesterday I was clear-headed enough to realize the TV had brainwashed me.  I was slowly turning into a zombie, and unless I want Hubby chopping my head off like a character in Left4 Dead (which he has promised to do if I ever get ‘infected,’ quote “because I love you”), something needed to change.

I began my TV-limited evening by returning my book to the library so I wouldn’t owe them money.  Sidenote: I was surprised and impressed at the number of people at the library on a Monday night.  As a librarian’s daughter, it makes me happy.  Ok, so back to my other tangent.  Once I got home, I once again resisted the urge to turn on the tv as background and opted for my ipod instead.  After throwing in a load of laundry, it was time to tackle a project.  I am somewhat of a DIY diva and have become the go-to person for craftiness among my friends.  The current project I am commissioned is a gift card box/holder made of Scrabble boards for my friend’s wedding Sunday.  Those little buggers are a b*tch to cut with an X-acto!  I’ll put up pictures when I finish it in the next few days.   I sufficiently figured out how I was making the box/holder, created all the pieces and had done a few loads of laundry by the time Hubby got home and we collectively melted into the couch to watch our DVRed Monday night premiers (yay, HIMYM is back!).  Apparently I have the ability to actually get things done in the evening!

I guess the moral of today’s post:  turning off the TV can increase brain function and productivity…. who knew?!


Who is adult?

16 Sep

I don’t know about you, but since I hit my mid-20s, I’ve started thinking about who I used to consider ‘adults.’  When I was little, I thought 20 was  when I’d be an adult with it all figured out.  At 20, I thought 25 would be the ‘magic age.’  I can confidently say, 25 was the age I had nothing figured out.  Now at 26, even though I know better, I still think I’ll have it all figured out by 30.  Yes, yes, I hear you snickering.  I am fully aware of my delusions and I accept them.  I have friends from ages 23 to 45, and I don’t think a single one would admit to being an ‘adult.’

Even though I have yet to reach the elusive ‘magic age’ of adulthood, its been lurking around corners and sneaking up on me lately.

I went to a First Time Homebuyer Seminar at a local bank yesterday which then prompted a conversation with the dear husband about when to start looking at houses.  I say January since our current lease is until May.  He says why not start looking now?  I may be openly dreaming about a house, but on the inside, I’m freaking out about such a big step!  I’m just getting used to taking care of the cutest cat ever (she is, deal with it) and I don’t think my fragile psyche could take such a step right now.   I started a new job 6 months ago, the Hubby started a new job 4 months ago, and we got a cat about 3 months ago, among other things.  I am a creature of habit and there’s been a lot of change!  I am mentally prepared to start looking at houses around the new year.  That I could handle.  We agreed upon starting to talk to people about financing but not actively looking yet.  Phew, mental crisis averted.  Adult commitments averted… for now.

Strangely enough, I don’t consider the fact that I’m married to be a scary adult commitment.  It was a natural step that involved a big party(Woo-Hoo!)- no major soul searching involved.  Hubby and I had been together for almost 6 years prior to marriage, so being tied to him for life was an emotional commitment I had made long ago.  Picking out a house feels much more daunting!

This is Day 1.

15 Sep

I am 26 and have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  As of present, I am an interior designer.  Sounds interesting, right?  I have been in the corporate world of architecture and interior design for the past 4 years including an 11 month hiatus of unemployment (thank YOU economy) and am, for lack of better term, a “mouse mover.”  This is sadly ironic since I studied interior design so I wouldn’t have to work in the land of Dilbert.  Despite this, however, good design still makes me dance, so at least I’m sure I’m heading in the right general direction.  …But that’s all I’m sure about when it comes to my career lately.

In plotting this blog, I started bouncing ideas off friends and got more of a response than I expected.  It seems my current state of discontent is a very common affliction among my age group and across various fields.  We want jobs that don’t feel like work and we want something more with no idea where to find it.  My message to my fellow GenY-ers: You are not alone!

I am not going to patronize you and pretend to have any answers whatsoever.  All I can do right now is push myself outside of my comfort zone and hope serendipity leads me to greatness and invite you along for the ride.

My first challenge to myself is this blog.  I vow to post at least twice a week for the next year no matter who’s reading.  Over the next 365 days, I am challenging myself to challenge myself…  and hopefully find purpose along the way. (insert Avenue Q song here)

If you’ve decided to join me on my journey, Welcome!

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