Who is adult?

16 Sep

I don’t know about you, but since I hit my mid-20s, I’ve started thinking about who I used to consider ‘adults.’  When I was little, I thought 20 was  when I’d be an adult with it all figured out.  At 20, I thought 25 would be the ‘magic age.’  I can confidently say, 25 was the age I had nothing figured out.  Now at 26, even though I know better, I still think I’ll have it all figured out by 30.  Yes, yes, I hear you snickering.  I am fully aware of my delusions and I accept them.  I have friends from ages 23 to 45, and I don’t think a single one would admit to being an ‘adult.’

Even though I have yet to reach the elusive ‘magic age’ of adulthood, its been lurking around corners and sneaking up on me lately.

I went to a First Time Homebuyer Seminar at a local bank yesterday which then prompted a conversation with the dear husband about when to start looking at houses.  I say January since our current lease is until May.  He says why not start looking now?  I may be openly dreaming about a house, but on the inside, I’m freaking out about such a big step!  I’m just getting used to taking care of the cutest cat ever (she is, deal with it) and I don’t think my fragile psyche could take such a step right now.   I started a new job 6 months ago, the Hubby started a new job 4 months ago, and we got a cat about 3 months ago, among other things.  I am a creature of habit and there’s been a lot of change!  I am mentally prepared to start looking at houses around the new year.  That I could handle.  We agreed upon starting to talk to people about financing but not actively looking yet.  Phew, mental crisis averted.  Adult commitments averted… for now.

Strangely enough, I don’t consider the fact that I’m married to be a scary adult commitment.  It was a natural step that involved a big party(Woo-Hoo!)- no major soul searching involved.  Hubby and I had been together for almost 6 years prior to marriage, so being tied to him for life was an emotional commitment I had made long ago.  Picking out a house feels much more daunting!


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  1. Mike 09.19.2010 at 11:10 am #

    Buying a house was the single most nerve-wracking experience of my life. However, there’s no reason you can’t go to some open houses starting now. Get a good feel for what’s available, what will be in your price range, etc. Looking for houses is tons of fun. Getting paperwork and signing your life away is… well, ok I’m gonna stop now.

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