No ifs, ands, or butts…

7 Oct

Only a week ago, I blogged about how I was not ready to think about houses yet.  I am ashamed to admit I have let Hubby’s enthusiasm and impatience wear off on me.  We looked at our first house ever this past Sunday.  Although that particular house needed more work than either of us were prepared to do, we’ve got the ‘bug.’  I can’t wait to tackle home projects- I love that stuff!!  I want to create curb appeal with a colorful garden and help a house live up to its full potential inside and out!  I love the process of expressing yourself in the form of a room and giving antiques new life by refinishing or re-purposing.  I haven’t had that kind of project in a while and I miss it.  There’s only so many projects you can do in an apartment, and sadly, I exhausted those over a year ago.  Change is necessary for growth. Is the whole house buying process terrifying and unnerving?  You betcha!  Will it be worth it?  I hope so, but I’m not going to find out by sitting on my butt.

I’m not going to get what I want out of interior design by sitting on my butt either.  I feel very lucky to have stumbled on the Boston Design Salon!  The event last night, “What the Tweet?” was fantastic- I never realized the power of twitter as a business builder.  In addition to the wonderful speakers, @CreateGirl and @StacyStyle, the space it was held at was just as inspiring, the brand new design store/studio:  Twelve Chairs.  More importantly, I’ve become part of a network of like-minded creative women and have 20 new connections on Twitter.  I can’t wait for the next event!