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Anthropologie Weakness

31 Jan

I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I step into Anthropologie.  Its a weakness.  I’ll usually put blinders on and beeline for the sale area, but alas with a new house I’ve been falling in love with non-sale items.  I won’t be purchasing anything until we have finished unpacking and the items we currently have all get homes, but until then, I will be drooling over these items.

Isn't he cute??


Exaggerated print with jeweltones? Yes please.

I saw this one in the store and didn't want to leave without it. It is BEAUTIFUL in person. swoon

First saw these on The Decorista's blog*- if the colors are accurate, how cool would they be with the above pillow?!

*The Decorista


28 Jan

Help! I’m buried in piles of snow, boxes, and clutter and I see no way out!  At least the cats seem to be adjusting well.

Did I mention snow?  Massachusetts got yet another foot of snow Wednesday night.

...and this was AFTER we dug out

Thats it! I surrender Winter- take my driveway as a sacrifice!!

Multiplying Space

26 Jan

4 feet of hanging space in the master closet was just not going to cut it.  What’s a girl to do?  Rip down some old trim and shelves (also causing some horsehair plaster to try and escape in the process), and install a closet organizing system complete with space saving (matching!) hangers.  I effectively changed 4 feet of hanging space into about 10 feet of hanging space.



The circle hanger will hold belts and scarves once they get unearthed.

This is a happy closet and a breath of fresh air in a house currently piled with boxes.

Kitchen Preview

24 Jan

It was a busy weekend to say the least.  It was, however, successful house-wise.  We have a working, installed dishwasher, 29 more inches of countertop, a backspash with less gaping behind, and a new faucet installed!  I haven’t had time to take real pictures yet since we’ve been running around nonstop since the countertop people left…. so as a preview, I’ll show you the (not the best quality) picture I took with my phone just after they completed it.

Remember, this is where it started:

And this is where it is now:

Did someone make my kitchen bigger??

The new end panel is currently unfinished- we plan to paint or refinish the cabinets (potentially replacing the uppers) come spring, so spending the money on a finished end panel wasn’t a priority.  I obviously also need to attach the handle to the front of the dishwasher, but am missing a screw (thanks Sears).  Even so, yay dishwasher!

What a Week

20 Jan

and its only Thursday!

I forgot how exhausting it is to uproot.  Forget routine and where you expect to find things.  Naturally  nothing has a place yet (and naturally its already driving me bonkers).

Hubby is finally back to work after 3 days home sick.  I’m hopefully reaching the end of my cold and cough.  We’ve begun the cat intros and as expected, Alpha-Daisy does not like our new Charlie in her space yet.  Much to my pleasure, however when Charlie is locked in his room, Daisy is back to her sassy self from before the move.

Yesterday we received a half-dozen packages and there are a few more on the way.  New kitchen faucet, a piece to replace a broken one in the fridge, a cat door for the basement door, pantry cabinets for the basement, and lia sophia catalogs for my part time business (add sending catalogs to upcoming hostesses to my large To Do list).  I finally gave in and ordered matching hangers for our newly organized closet and can’t wait until they arrive!

This weekend will be a big exciting transformation for the kitchen!  Saturday the dishwasher gets revealed from its large box (sitting next to the fridge as we speak) and it will be installed along with a countertop and backsplash extension. The current backsplash will also receive some aesthetic repairs and the new sexy faucet (yes, I called a faucet sexy) will be installed.  You should know me well enough by now to realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my To Do list.

Lets hope I don’t burn myself out by the end of the weekend- I have a whole house to make Home!

And so it begins…

17 Jan

Let me tell you: moving just after a blizzard while you have a cold and hacking cough is certainly an adventure.  I’ve realized though, coughing is quite a good ab workout!  Saturday was the Big Move and naturally the height of my sickness.  Yesterday was a recovery day, day for everything to sink in, and a day to get a second kitty.  His name is Charlie and even HE has a cold right now.  Hubby caught whatever I have, so he took a sick day today.  We’re quite a bunch- 2 sick people, 1 snively cat, and 1 cat who’s cranky we made her move and is hiding under the bed (although as I type, she ventured in here just to prove me wrong).

I’ve decided to tackle house projects and decorating like I imagine one would eat an elephant: one bite at a time.  Today, I started small with the one and only bathroom.   After taking a shower, I could tell what the bathroom needed so off I went.  We did no painting in here- the color is a burnt orange with matches perfectly with our existing shower curtain.  It has been redone recently, so needs no major work, just organization to make it work for us.

The toilet paper dispenser got relocated from behind the door (below the towel hooks, and I could just see the wet towels causing soggy toilet paper…yum).  I removed a hand towel ring where the toilet paper now is, so I purchased a new countertop one.  The interior of the vanity got a hidden trash can and a hook to hide a washcloth.

I was super pleased to find these baskets (actually trash cans) to fit into the awkward triangular-shaped shelves.  Now if I organize their contents I’ll be all set.
This evenings goal is to organize the bottles and gels and such in the bathroom, then on to the closet!  Onwards and upwards!

The Evening

13 Jan

Next week I’ll have some new and exciting posts to show you as the house starts coming together.  For today, enjoy the music video for Hubby’s band, The Evening.

Hopefully it will inspire you to come to the Middle East tonight and check them out, or download their single, Something New from Amazon or iTunes.