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Hello Craigslist!

25 Feb

I’ve made my first ever Craigslist purchase!

For just $25, I am now the proud owner of this delightfully vintage gossip bench!

Judging by the fabric, it was reupholstered (not well) around the 80’s.  And, if you couldn’t figure it out- I’m most certainly reupholstering it and refinishing the wood.  Paint vs. stain is TBD: I need to assess the repairs it needs first.  It has a few cracks and the back is loose, but still in good condition overall.  I can’t wait to refinish this- the finished product is going to be stellar!  It may find a place in our house (possibly bedroom) or get sold after its finished.  Either way, it’ll be a fun project to learn how to reupholster on!


The Buddha’s Back in Town

24 Feb

*sung to the tune of ‘The Boys are Back in Town’*

I think most people have some type of collection, whether they realize it or not. Somewhere over time, Hubby and I started collecting Buddhas. We each had a couple before moving in together and have acquired a couple more since: an unintentional collection was born.

Neither of us are Buddhist, although I can certainly identify with some of their principles.  My only tattoo (so far) is of a stylized yin yang and reminds me about the necessity for balance in everything.  But enough philosophizing, I simply find Buddha statues pretty.

A few days ago, I found and unpacked our box o’ Buddhas.  In the apartment, all the Buddhas hung out together on one shelf, but I had a different plan for the house.  The Buddhas are now dispersed in various rooms and their mere presence makes me feel more at home.

Next? It’s time to start getting some curtains up so the house feels even more like home.

Stay tuned for my next post featuring my first (hopefully)successful Craigslist scavenge!

And this little piggy went wheee wheee wheee

18 Feb

all the way to our home.

“Adults” can have piggy banks too, right?

Our story begins with our friends holiday party.  Hubby was given a piggy bank.  A Rock Star piggy bank to be precise.  The other guys in our crew received pigs as well: one super hero, one devil, one ball and chain (to the newly married).  I must say, I was rather surprised at Hubby’s instant affinity for Rock Pig (as he has named him- and it must be said in a sing-songy ‘metal’ tone).  Once we brought Rock Pig home, he went directly into a moving box surrounded by other ‘decor’ items and was not unburied until yesterday’s basement archeology.

A few weeks ago I made a pig purchase of my own.  Before Christmas, at Marshalls, I had made friends with a beautifully patterned and colored piggy bank:  I would see this pig every time in the store, pick her up and contemplate wrapping her up as a gift, but sadly every time decided I had no one to buy it for.  My last time in Marshalls, however my mindset had changed.  If Hubby was going to insist that Rock Pig was on display, didn’t he deserve a pretty counterpart?  I thought so.

I give you:  Hubby and I in pig form.  Aren’t we a charming couple?

When is a cat dish not just a cat dish?

16 Feb

When it’s intended to be a 4-section serving tray of course!

I spent a decent amount of time on Sunday wandering around Home Goods looking for inspiration.  I always seem to get ideas there, even if I don’t end up with purchases.  I made a lot of mental notes on furniture and decor, and ended up purchasing one item.  Well, I guess technically 2, but it was in 1 box.

*BACKSTORY* When we had just 1 cat, we used rice bowls I had purchased years before at Christmas Tree Shop as Daisy’s dishes- one for dry food, one for wet, and one for water (even though she only drinks out of her water glass on the coffee table, but thats a story for another day).  When we expanded our family to include another fuzzy purring being, we started using more rice bowls.  Charlie is a typical guy (I had no idea that cat’s fell into the gender steriotypes too!)- he’s a messy eater and the bowls ended up in disarray and knocked over with half the food on the floor.  I love my cats, but I don’t need my house messy because of them.

*FLASH BACK TO THE PRESENT* Home Goods to the rescue!!  I found a box with 2 ceramic serving trays for $9.99.  With 4 compartments, it is perfect to have dry food in one, water in another and use the remaining 2 for the dinner rush of their daily wet food.  With 2 serving dishes- one can be in use, while the other is in the dishwasher: PER-FECT! (yes, pun intended, sorry).  Looks worlds better than having 4+ disheveled bowls and these Charlie can’t knock over!

I can just hear what Daisy was thinking: "I'm watching you Charlie. If you dare interrupt my snack you will pay." Daisy is the enforcer in that relationship afterall.

Hidden History

15 Feb

I’ve been burying my head so much in house organization that I’ve neglected you.  Will you forgive me?

I am pleased to say the house now looks like a house and not a pile of stuff and is no longer making me twitch!  I’m still trying to organize the basement, but that’s slow and steady.

The more I exist in the house, the more I’m growing to appreciate it and its history.  For a 100+ year old house, most people would never guess its age.  It has been updated fully (a bit too much for my taste), but I keep finding vintage gems that make me smile.

Part of what made me fall in love with the house.

Who needs 90 degree angles?? I embrace and love the fact that none of my floors or ceilings or window casings are level. It even makes me giggle that the bathroom floors are so slanted that guys have to hold the seat up so it won't fall on them. Watch out guys, my house bites!

Only one original HVAC return survived over the years. Hopefully it won't be lonely for long and I can find others to put throughout the house.

Most random- the doorstop in the bedroom. It could use some love with stripper and new paint.

An original beam peaking out as we head down to the basement.

Leading out the basement door to the bulkhead I found the most charming door plate.

Charming doorplate meets utilitarian dead bolt.

I plan to have a house that exudes vintage charm with all the modern amenities.  For the first time since moving, I can see past the disorganization and envision the perfect balance of modern and old world in the decor and art.  Once I finish my organization projects, it will be full steam ahead!


9 Feb

Before moving, I made a big deal about getting rid of the ceiling fan and installing a beautiful new light… yet I’ve been silent about it since.  Curious.

Let me break the suspense. We installed it. Its dimmable. It works. It needs futzing with and I’ve been avoiding dealing with it.

It’s much easier on the eyes than the ceiling fan, but it still needs some love.  It needs leveling, but I’m procrastinating on that until I figure out what to do with the ceiling…  As you can see from the picture below, the hole from the ceiling fan was larger.  The way I see it, I have 2 options: patch the ceiling hole, or install a medallion.

I’m leaning toward medallion- it will cover the hole, help direct the light a bit better (so the light doesn’t emphasize the ceiling defects as it does now), and hopefully help to create a bit more of a feature.  My inclination is to get a medallion that is larger than the 16″ light and then (eventually) add some simple decorative moulding to the ceiling.

My only hesitation is that you don’t normally see medallions with this kind of light (although that reasoning usually doesn’t stop me).

I’d love to hear your feedback!