Hidden History

15 Feb

I’ve been burying my head so much in house organization that I’ve neglected you.  Will you forgive me?

I am pleased to say the house now looks like a house and not a pile of stuff and is no longer making me twitch!  I’m still trying to organize the basement, but that’s slow and steady.

The more I exist in the house, the more I’m growing to appreciate it and its history.  For a 100+ year old house, most people would never guess its age.  It has been updated fully (a bit too much for my taste), but I keep finding vintage gems that make me smile.

Part of what made me fall in love with the house.

Who needs 90 degree angles?? I embrace and love the fact that none of my floors or ceilings or window casings are level. It even makes me giggle that the bathroom floors are so slanted that guys have to hold the seat up so it won't fall on them. Watch out guys, my house bites!

Only one original HVAC return survived over the years. Hopefully it won't be lonely for long and I can find others to put throughout the house.

Most random- the doorstop in the bedroom. It could use some love with stripper and new paint.

An original beam peaking out as we head down to the basement.

Leading out the basement door to the bulkhead I found the most charming door plate.

Charming doorplate meets utilitarian dead bolt.

I plan to have a house that exudes vintage charm with all the modern amenities.  For the first time since moving, I can see past the disorganization and envision the perfect balance of modern and old world in the decor and art.  Once I finish my organization projects, it will be full steam ahead!