Name That Plant!

30 Mar

It’s like a game show!  Here’s how you play:

Step 1: Go into my ‘yard’

Step 2: Look for something green amongst the dead leaves and winter-ravaged bushes.

Step 3: Name That Plant!

I did this the other day with very little success on Step 3.  I found flowers growing, hooray!  But my lack of experience with plants kept me from winning the game.  After calling my mom and resident garden expert (and sending her pictures because my descriptions were so pitiful), I have identified the flora.




My description: "same colors as crocus, but the flower looks more like a bunch of berries." Its a wonder my mom couldn't figure out what I was talking about, right?!





ANSWER: Hyacinth


My description: "spirally cluster of leaves peaking out from under leaves and a dead(?) plant."





ANSWER: (I had to ask the expert again because I forgot) Sedum

Also popping up with these formerly mystery plants are what seem to be daffodils, tulips and crocus’.

The garden is quite an adventure!  What’s going to pop up?  What’s actually alive?  I guess only time will tell!


Since I neglected to take this picture for my last post, check out the fabulous frame I scored for just $4!!

Not sure yet what its future will be...

Until next time!