Craigslist Show & Tell

29 Jul

Although I’ve only made 1 craigslist purchase (which I still need to refinish….), I have fun checking out the ads pretty reguarly.

Most items that I’m drawn to fall into 2 categories:

#1- Items I would love to have but am far to cheap to pay what they’re worth.


#2- Items that are super cool or weird or otherwise eye-catching but I could (or would) never use.

So now its time for Craigslist show and tell!

Category #1:

Antique Coffee Grinder. Yours for the low sum of $450!

3 Wedgewood plates for $48. $48? Why 48? Why not $50? Why not $45 or $47, or maybe even $42?? I really only want 1 of these for my pintrest challenge project. Maybe I can get 1 for $13 or $17... still more than I want to spend on a plate.

Drool. Too bad I'm to cheap to spend $200 on them. <pout>

Category #2:

Antique pedal grinding wheel- only $100! I imagine it would be fun to use, you'd get a work out, and its cool looking on top of that. I think you should buy it and I'll blog about what you make with it. Deal?

Because everyone need a cow kitchen set. Only $15!

$2225. My favorite part? Picturing the property that it was salvaged from. Go ahead, let your imagination run wild!

What? School chair meets boogie board.... uh, yeah. I have no words.

The less common Category #3 is things I’m actually considering purchasing.  Surprisingly I found one definite and a few more to think about today:

Set of 4 table legs for $10? I think you have a home with me as our future custom office desk.

$150 obo. The table might look kind of cool if I mix it with the chairs in the next picture.

..with reupholstered seats of course, and maybe a fresh coat of brighter paint. $135 for the whole set.

I haven’t quite decided if mixing the farm table and wrought iron chairs would be blow-your-mind-amazing or just a hot mess, so I’ll probably chicken-out on both those purchases.  The table legs are going to be mine though!

What have you bought or seen on Craiglist lately?