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Designer’s Rules

31 Aug

Happy Wednesday!  I hope your week is going swimmingly.

I saw this on Curbly yesterday and kind of loved it, so I had to share:


What’s sparked your inspiration this week?



29 Aug

Well that was a bad case of blogger/DIYers block.  I’ve been focusing all my designing powers into the 9to5.  I have a SUPER fun project that they’re actually letting me be the designer on (a first in my professional career!) for probably the BEST client ever (hint, their name rhymes with ‘oogle’).  I wish I could gush to you ALL the details, but I shouldn’t.

This week, my DIY gave way to TCB  (taking care of business) and I broke out Bernette, my trusty sewing machine and finally got to my heaping mending pile.  I only have 2 pairs of pants (one Hubby’s and one mine) that still need hems fixed. Yay progress!

I also finally hung up the shed shelves that I mentioned here, but didn’t have time to take pictures before we needed to shove all our patio furniture and grill into it before the joke of a hurricane we had here.   So those will come very soon, I promise!

Although I haven’t had much luck at tag sales recently, my mis-matched future dining room chair collection has grown.  2 weeks ago, I snagged this chair at an estate sale for $4.  Don’t you just LOVE the orange velour??  So sexy.

and this past weekend, my parents found this chair for me at a tag sale for $3.  Score!!

Handy Dad also was nice enough to put some glue on it for me so it’ll be nice and stable.

Side note- I plan to have an awesome work area in my basement one day like Handy Dad’s in the picture.   … One day maybe my basement will be organized enough…HA.   But I digress.

I also poked my head into Savers on Saturday (much like a Salvation Army or Goodwill).  They had 2 chairs that I was considering, but I had the small car with me and couldn’t transport them.  They’re having a huge sale on Labor Day, so if those chairs are still there, you bet they’ll be mine.  I’m starting to get close to a full set!  If you have no idea what ‘set’ I’m talking about, check out my plans here.

Did you get any projects done on this rotten weekend?

Objects at Rest

11 Aug

I’m blown away by the amazing response I got from my Pinterest Challenge project! You guys are seriously awesome!

I’ve been keeping myself so busy in the past few months that I can’t believe the summer’s almost over!  I refuse to believe it, especially considering it didn’t feel like summer until late June.

After my Pinterest Challenge project and the projects leading up to it, I was in desperate need of a break, so last weekend, for the first time in my recent memory, I decided I was going to sleep in (till 9), not go tag-saling and have a weekend to do NOTHING.  Of course by nothing I mean all the laundry, grocery shopping and doing a jewelry party (through my less than part time Lia Sophia business), but for me that’s a lazy weekend.

And since objects at rest tend to stay at rest, I’m just now getting to you.

So, it’s time for a project tease!

Fact: Organizing is fun.  For me at least.  Most likely because disorganization makes me twitch.  With that being said, I’ve been severely neglecting my organizational responsibilities.  In a small house, organization is paramount… and I currently have overflowing closets and a basement mess I wouldn’t wish on my enemies.  So I have to enjoy the pieces of organization that I’ve accomplished so far.

Remember when I mentioned my intentions of a fabulously organized shed here?  Well, it’s half-way there!

Here is where my embarrassment shed started:

There maaaay be more junk in there now too after our latest yard projects.  Just maybe.

But, on the plus side here’s what part of it is currently looking like:

Woo Hoo!  On the right track and beyond easy to put up.  The hardest part of this project was FINDING the pegboard at Home Depot.  They hide the board with decorative moulding, but the pegs and hooks with the organizational items.  Totally logical, right?

The other side of the shed is going to be getting shelves leftover from my childhood bedroom (and still painted accordingly) as well as a few more organizational fixtures.  I can’t wait to be able to walk in there again!  Seeing the floor would be a nice bonus, too.

Don’t you love organizing?  Or is it just me?

Punch of Pink

3 Aug

This week there was a new development in my “Name that Plant” game.

For months I had seen 3 stalks growing in my garden on the side of the driveway and had zero idea what they were.  The only thing I knew was that they looked purposeful, so I let them live when I did massive weeding of that area (formerly known as the jungle).  I am emphatically glad I did.

As I was watering the new plantings in the front yard, I was startled by a pop of color.  I mean literally startled.  I stopped in my tracks and said aloud something to the effect of “whoa nelly!”  I’m cool like that.  If my neighbors heard me they probably think I’m nuts.  That may be so, but you would be shocked to if your normally green side garden (I didn’t plant there this year so I could see what popped up) suddenly had 2 (soon to be 3) gigantic pink flowers!

The pictures don’t even do justice, I swear they are at least 6 inches in diameter and bright!  My pictures were taken at dusk, so the colors were a bit muted (yes, that is muted!).  I have learned they are some type of Oriental Lily, but if you have any idea what variety, please share.

Any surprises in your gardens lately?

Challenge Completed!

2 Aug

When I got home from the 9to5 yesterday, I went into ‘mission mode.”


And I did!

I decided to join a group of my favorite bloggers in their Pinterest Challenge.  It started last Tuesday evening and the challenge was to do a DIY project inspired by an image found on Pinterest.  And complete the project by today.  After a busy weekend, I was severely doubting my time management abilities.  Luckily, yesterday I was uber productive and finished my project and I’m super excited about it!!

As a reminder, here was my Pinterest Inspiration:

My challenge to myself was to take an piece of metal wall art that we already had…

..and rework it and refresh it, so I’m not bored of it anymore.

Cutting apart those *%$#* darn plates was the toughest and most time consuming part of this.  And of course once I separated them, I needed to remove the stand-offs and all the rough edges.  I used wire cutters, a hack saw, and a metal file for this whole process.

In addition to just reconfiguring their layout, I introduced some paint to change it up a bit.  I’m actually relatively new to spray paint, so I decided to take this opportunity to experiment with a few things (some more successful than others).

I was able to make-up try a few paint techniques.  The shot in the dark was taking Vaseline and applying it to the raised portion of the design before painting.  After it dried, I wiped where the Vaseline was a prayed that it worked.  It didn’t.  Luckily I had more than enough plates so I could afford to mess up a few.  If my Vaseline had maybe been less messy, it might have worked out.  The technique did work in theory, but the end product was too much of a mess.  Seeing how well (or not well) the spray paint was sticking to the plates did inspire me into another technique that did end up on the wall.  After painting, when it was try to the touch but still tacky, I took a piece of sand paper and wiped/scraped away pieces of paint in one direction.  The outcome was imperfect and a little quirky- somehow it worked.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had also purchased 5 plates to potentially add into the mix.  4 made it to the wall, and only 1 will be returned.  I’m really excited to show you the outcome, so without further adieu.

Drumroll please…..

Here’s my project breakdown:

Existing metal plate art: $0

Plate hangers: $20

4 new plates: $15

Spray paint: $12


I think that’s pretty good price for art of that size.  What I find super exciting about my new plate art is that it isn’t a stagnant piece.  I can interchange plates if I find some at tag sales, or by season, or by my mood, or to match my outfit.

Did you do a DIY project for the Pinterest Challenge?  I’d love to see it!  Link to it in my comments.

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Chop Chop!

1 Aug

I’m sad to admit I had a less than productive weekend.  I attempted to work on my Pinterest Challenge artwork, but a social life got in the way (I’m as shocked as you are).  Pre-existing plans took up more of my weekend than I anticipated and that darn metal wall art was a LOT more stubborn to chop apart than I expected.  For ‘made in China’ mass-produced wall art, those plates were holding on to the frame and each other for dear life!  Some plates let go relatively unscathed, but others decided they needed to leave holes.  No worries, I patched the holes and those are the ones I’ll paint… tonight hopefully… if it doesn’t rain…

I think I finally have them all separated and rough edges sanded (Hubby’s most excited that I wont be hack-sawing or filing metal in our living room anymore).  I also purchased a few actual plates to get mixed in with the existing (to-be)painted and non painted metal ones- 5 have been purchased, and probably 3 are destined to make it to the wall, just not sure which ones I want yet.  I’m trying not to get anxious thinking about all the work I have to do on it to finish it for the end of the challenge tomorrow AM.  I promise you, there will be a result to show!

My mom, however, was FAR more productive with her Pinterest Challenge DIY project over the weekend.  (I totally have my mom addicted to pinterest too)

Her Pinterest inspiration image:

And her fantastic finished result:

Go Mom!  Now that you’ve perfected the art of the roman shade, you can show me when it comes time to making one for my large kitchen window.

How’s your Pinterest Challenge project progressing?