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Going Vertical

30 Sep

Guess what I’m going to get started on this weekend!

I’ll give you a hint in the form of a photoshopped image:

Yup, my living room is going vertical!  With stripes that is.  It probably will end up much more subtle than my 5 minute Photoshop example here, though.

At first, I was planning to do just a satin tone-on-tone stripe which we had in our music room at the apartment.  Although we LOVED it in the apartment, people only took note if I pointed it out because it was so subtle.  Call me vein, but if I’m going to put that much effort in, I want it to be noticed!

…..So I was toying with the idea to mix in some lighter paint with the glaze to make the treatment pop a bit more.  For weeks I’ve been waffling about which to do and finally decided to let Photoshop help me decide.  Once I put in the stripes (although I’m fully aware they aren’t perfect here- this took me 5 minutes people!) I was 100% convinced.

Here’s what I’m hoping the stripes will accomplish:

  • adding an element of verticallity that the room is severely lacking
  • create some architectural interest
  • brighten and lighten the room up a bit.  With the large scale furniture (that we are currently living with), the space feels heavy.

I’ve already got all the supplies I need to get started, I just have to bite the bullet and do it!  I know it’s totally going to be worth it in the end.


Weekend Treasures

19 Sep

This weekend was tag-sale overload.  I had 10 on my list starting out, but there were so many signs that I just kept driving around until shortly before noon (with a Home Depot trip in the middle there).  Check out my haul!

I spent a record amount of $30!


So here’s the breakdown:

Vintage luggage rack. $15

She needs a little love as you can see.  The bottom of the legs need a little repair and it could use some fun ribbon to top it off.  I think it’ll start off as a a luggage rack as intended, but who knows what the future holds.  She could end up as a cute little bench or cat bed (yup, crazy cat lady here).

Antique side table: $10

After I exterminated all the spiders off/out of this and cleaned it up, it really needs no repairs.  Apparently I am able to buy items that don’t need love and repair, its just a rare occurrence.  Not sure where this will end up or if I’ll make a project out of it yet, but it’s currently hanging out on the wall below the stairs.  Aren’t those some sexy legs?

Art Deco lamp: $3

Complete with period wiring.  This came from a neighbor down the street, and I was beyond overjoyed when I asked the price.  Even though I would have paid his initial asking price of $5, I was able to talk him down to $3.  That’s part of the fun of tag-sales!  But anyway, the lamp.  I heart the detail on the base!  I kind of have a love affair with Art Deco.  Obviously it needs a new coat of paint and a new cord, but sounds like a quicky project to me (totally just jinxed myself).

Not pictured tag sale steals are a cast iron skillet for Hubby for $1, and a organizing bin for screws or whatnot that came with pegboard pieces inside for another $1.


Altogether, I’d say it was a very successful weekend.  Did you bring home any treasures?

This is day 366.

15 Sep

1 year ago today, I started this blog.

I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in that timespan!  Let’s reflect.

Well first of all there’s the major life changes.  In the past year, we’ve bought a house and gotten a second cat, to name a few.  (Yes I include a second fur-baby as a major life change).  But those aren’t why I started this blog.

I started this blog to help me figure out what I want out of my life and guess what!  It’s helping!  I still don’t have the answers to the universe (shockingly), however I’m happier in my career than I have been in a long time (partially because I’m getting to do a lot of work for any corporate designer’s DREAM client *coughgooglecough*).  And although I haven’t figured out long term life plans, I have ideas and more importantly inspiration.

Inspiration.  That was my biggest issue before this blog.  I had lost my inspiration and became jaded with design @26.  Thankfully, through this blog, I opened my eyes to the wonderful world of social media’s connection to design and got INSPIRED.  I am now severely addicted to reading design-related blogs, pinterest, and following design topics on Twitter.  Design excites me again!

So a BIG Thank You to those of you who keep coming back here to read my latest rants or see my latest projects, and Thank You to all the design bloggers and tweeters who have inspired me.

I CANNOT wait to see what the next year brings!

Yet Another Living Room Post

13 Sep

I’m not obsessing about what to do in the living room.  No, I would NEVER do that.  It’s just not how I work.

Are you buying that?  Any of it?

Yeah, me neither.

I know, I know, this is becoming a common topic for posts.  Obsessions’ll do that to ya.

Here’s where the obsession room currently stands (sans the solid pillows which I sold at my parent’s tag sale last weekend).

Hubby and I had an awesome discussion on the scenic drive home from a friend’s wedding in upstate New York on Saturday about the state of this room.  We both agree that we need to focus on one space at a time so that we don’t get overwhelmed (too late).  Logically, the living room is the place to start.  It’s the first room you see when you come in the house and its the room we spend the most waking hours in.  We also agree that it’s the room that just isn’t working for one reason or another.  Unfortunately, another thing that we agree on is the fact that we shouldn’t be spending a lot of money on new furniture right now, so my dreams of a new couch will need to be put on hold.  A girl can still dream though, right?

Hello Love. Would you like to come home with me?

Isn’t she sweet?  She’s from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (which is located 5 minutes from the house.  Coincidence? I think not).  But she’ll have to wait.

Hubby and I plan to “shop” our house first to see if we can spice it up with minimal $$.  We plan to try our vintage red chair (which has been hanging out in the office/computer room and I don’t seem to have any real pictures of) in place of the matchy chair and see how the scale works.  With a smaller chair in that spot, it might open up that corner a little bit- which is currently a dead area.  I’m torn about this corner.  To bookcase or not no bookcase?  I keep waffling.  As of this current moment, I’m leaning toward no… but then I need to find a different end table for that space.

Here are some living rooms that I’ve found on pinterest that have been getting my wheels turning.

Smaller scale bookcase, but adds storage. I also thought I ruled out window treatments in the living room until I saw this. I could make something awesome....


This is the most similar to our layout. Its a little cutesey country for my taste, but I like the mix of scales and textures.


I think this couch is dreamy, but wouldn't work for us. The concept of the coffee table(s) could be a possibility, however.

This weekend may be an action weekend to make something happen in this room.  I’ll keep you posted!!

What rooms have you been obsessing dreaming about revamping?


7 Sep

At long last, our small shed has become an organizational masterpiece.  Ok, so I may be exaggerating a TOUCH… but it’s looking good.

Here was it’s pseudo-starting point (I say pseudo because the shed got worse in the time span between these pictures and finally starting the organizational process… oops):

The shed only had 2 steps worth of clear floor space.  Totally functional, right?  Well, that’s why I fixed it.

My organizational tools for this project were:

  • Peg board and pegs (CAUTION: these are located in separate sections of your friendly local hardware warehouse store.  Peg board can be found with the decorative moulding, and the pegs hang out in the section with the closet organizers.)
  • Rake/shovel holder
  • Wooden shelf and brackets from my childhood bedroom.

You got a sneak peak of the peg board here, but it’s about time to check out the full outcome.

I decided not to repaint the shelves and left them the original purple of my childhood bedroom.  The 2 shelves were once upon a time a single shelf that spanned the length of my bedroom about a foot and a half from the ceiling and was home to my stuffed animal collection.  I was cool like that.

After suffering through the abuse of a child/teenager’s room, then getting chopped in half and transported to Massachusetts, the shelves were a little worse for wear.  Sandpaper to the rescue!  I roughed up the edges a bit and made the scratches blend in.

Well, what do you think?

Chair Buyer’s Anonymous

6 Sep

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

I had a great weekend with friends, family, and checked a few things off my To-Do list.  Most importantly, I got my tag- sale mojo back!  After weeks of disappointing tag sales filled with crap, I found a GEM!!

My name is Karen, and I have a tag-sale chair addiction.  Is there a support group for that?

This weekend’s fantastic find is a wrought iron and bamboo folding chair.  And it cost….. wait for it…..


I won’t even try to guess its vintage, but I know it’s old.  The tag sale that it came from was sooo cool to poke through- filled with tons of Asian antiques at my kind of prices (aka cheap).  The chair is in amazing condition aside from 2 cracked bamboo pieces on the seat.  Once I Gorilla Glue those sucka’s back together, the seat and back are going to get a fresh coat of paint.

Here’s where I’m looking for your input.  I’m torn on how I should paint it.  The wrought iron is staying untouched no matter what, so the question is: do I repaint the back and seat close to it’s current color and keep it as original as possible, or do I paint the back and seat a contrasting pop color?

Or…. do I throw all caution to the wind and NOT repaint it, just try and touch up the mended bamboo pieces?

Oh the possibilities!