First Ever “Pin and Tell”

5 Oct

I spend so much time over at Pinterest, I figure, why not share with you my awesome finds on a regular basis?  Let me elaborate.  I’ll take an image that I Pinned on Pinterest, and I’ll Tell you why it’s awesome.  Thus the birth of my new series: Pin and Tell.  I know, tough concept to wrap your noggin around.

Without further adieu, this weeks image is:


I’m not usually a pink girl.  In fact I’ve always been a purple girl, and really, you can’t be both, can you?

Anyway, despite the bubblegum walls, this room is bee-you-ti-ful.  The key to this room is scale.  If you look at each individual piece, they all have their own distinct style- some very traditional, others more contemporary, but what really pulls them together is the scale.  No one piece is the star.

This room must really speak to me, because I accidentally pinned it twice.  I can totally picture a layout like this for my own living room and I can only dream to find amazing pieces like these.  Craigslist here I come!


One Response to “First Ever “Pin and Tell””

  1. Lucija 10.09.2011 at 3:14 pm #

    I’m so excited to have found your blog, it’s so pretty! Love the easiness and chic it has!


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