9 Apr

After discovering this past week, that Instagram is now available for androids, I may have gone a little crazy.  As I’ve admitted openly in past posts, although it generally speaks for itself- I did NOT get the photographing skills in my family.  Any program that makes my photography skills look less dismal, is OK in my book… plus its fun.  You should try it.  Everyone’s doing it.  Be cool, like me.

..Yeah, so, ANYWAY.

Since I barely had a chance to sit still all weekend (not counting my accidental 2 hour nap Sunday), I though I’d share it with you via instagram photo montage.


Road trip to NYC with the in-laws to see (my amazingly talented sister-in-law) Lily's play.

(Through the car window) Driving past Yankee Stadium- a few blocks from where Lily hopes to move this summer.

Lily's anticipated new home. It's so nice! I can't wait to help her make it amazing!

Lunch at Chop'd Times Square- YUM!

Zombies!!! Lily (left) after the show, showing off their fake gashes

Peeps at Easter dinner with my parent and sister (husbands were still at PAX). We didn't get to blowing them up this year, though

Low-key Easter dinner with ham and Mom's deviled eggs

Handy Dad installing the bookshelves he built for my nephews room

Shelves! Styled by Mom, the librarian

With no major events on the calendar for the next few weeks (phew, I survived all the bridal/baby showers & matron of honor duties of the past few months) I can now focus on finishing my nephews room!   The ideas are churning, I just need to get creating- stay tuned!!