Succulent Terrarium

10 Jul

Thanks to the kick in the butt that is the Pinterest Challenge, I finally put together a succulent terrarium.

I had purchased the container months ago at HomeGoods and it was just waiting for the right thing to go inside.  I kept being drawn to the collections of succulents plastering Pinterest and I got sucked in.  I’m a sucker for succulents.

I purchased the succulents for $3 a piece at the hardware store.  My mom had river rocks (small and large) left over from past plants and willingly passed them on to me.  Since I already had the container, the actual plants were the only cost.

First, I used layer of both small and large rocks to cover the bottom for drainage.  One issue that I didn’t anticipate is the small opening of the container.  I could barely get the succulents in the opening, so maneuvering them into the right positions was a challenge.  Once I placed them where I thought would look nice, I covered the entire surface in more of the small pebbles and strategically placed a couple large stones on top.

What was an empty vessel a few days ago is now a warm addition to any room.

I just hope my black thumb for houseplants can manage to keep them alive!


Did you do a project for the Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition?  Post your links in the comments, I’d love to check them out!!


3 Responses to “Succulent Terrarium”

  1. Amber 07.10.2012 at 2:30 pm #

    I love the shape of your terrarium! We have been wanting to put together a terrarium especially after our Portland trip.

    I have managed to kill 2 succulents this year, so I’ve been a little bit lazy about putting anything together just knowing it won’t last! I did buy a huge box to plant succulents in, so I guess I’m committed to bite the bullet at some point, huh?

  2. Izzy 07.12.2012 at 2:37 pm #

    such a pretty vessel!! Makes is seem so stately and elegant. I made one a little too quickly for my living room in an old fishbowl and I might just have to upgrade it to something a bit fancier.

    Thakns for the inspiration – you can check out my pinterest challenge post over at

  3. thebeeinmybonnet 08.10.2012 at 6:11 am #

    Been meaning to do one of these for a long time. Just really pretty!

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