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Light Up My Life

14 Sep

.. or at least my house.

I’ve gone a little light happy.  It’s not my fault really, the dining room made me do it.

Ever since I painted and added the trim, the light’s been bothering me more and more.

It’s not a bad light, in fact, I have plans for it… in another room of the house.  Forget that it’s not centered over the table (that can be fixed with a simple swag), it just wasn’t jiving with the dining rooms new makeover.  I haven’t been keen on it in the dining room since we moved in, but I forgave it because the rest of the room was untouched.  Jeepers, what decade am I in today?? “jiving” “keen” I could top it of by calling something “neat.”

Anyway, back to lights.  We’ve got some installing to do.

It’s not just in the dining room getting a bit of jewelry either.

These 2 new lights are going to cause me to rearrange the light fixtures all around the house.  4 rooms will be getting a different light (either new or relocated), and it’s all because the dining room made me do it.  That’s my story.  I maintain my innocence.

September is for…

6 Sep

Studying.  Sounds like fun, right?


It’s a necessary evil if I want to earn my NCIDQ certification.

Now that we’ve turned the calendar page, my nose is to the grindstone.  The NCIDQ exam is at the end of the month and I have a ways to go.  Time to hustle!

Unfortunately that means that my posting in the next few weeks is going to be a bit sporadic.  I hope you’ll bear with me while I get through this, cuz I totally have some awesome projects planned for this fall!

Weekend Adventures

5 Sep

Sorry I’ve been missing for the past few days.  It’s been a busy long weekend.

Saturday was spent in CT saying goodbye to the home I grew up in

then celebrated my cousin’s 30th birthday, where she had a bouncy house for the kiddos (and a live band for the adult kiddos).  I don’t think the cutest nephew ever Eli could have had any more fun.

My sister/Eli’s Mommy on the left, me on the right

Then, the past 2 days we’ve been in the Adirondacks for a friend’s wedding

Aside from all the driving (15+ hours!!!), it’s been a great long weekend! I hope you were able to get away (physically or mentally) too.

Now back to reality and work.