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14 Mar

This week has been tough mentally with the flip.  I’ve been going and going and going, but I’m running in water.  It feels like I’ve been laying floors FOREVER, but I’m ecstatic to say that the hall and kitchen are done! (well, with the exception of door transitions and trim, but that’s in progress).  I’m working out my floor ‘tutorial’, but surprise surprise, laying hardwood floors is not easy to spell out, but SOON, I promise!

I get very one-track-minded with projects, and with the magnitude of flip house projects, I’m more one-tracked than usual.  My own house’s projects are suffering and I’ve been constantly at a loss of what to write here that’s not centered on the flip.  Maybe you can help though!  What do you like seeing here or what do you NOT like seeing here?  I know you guys like DIY’s the best, but I can’t DIY all the time, so what else tickles your fancy?  Would you want to see others’ DIY projects that I come across online, or do you like (or not like) when I show you an awesome room that I’ve pinned?  Tell me what keeps you coming back!

Hopefully I can start a few series posts and pull myself out of this mental rut.

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Check back tomorrow for Clark the flip house’s Week 4 update!!

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