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Womp Womp

20 Nov

My plan for today’s post was to show you the updates that I made to Hubby’s office for his big 3-0 birthday this past Friday, buuuut the technology upgrades (i.e. a 2nd computer monitor) have been giving me nothing but headaches.  I just wanted to purchase a 2nd one of his current monitor (discontinued naturally), but lets just say, it’s been more of a challenge than expected.  I’ve already exchanged 1 model and we’ll probably do another exchange…. apples to apples it is not (even though the *#@!-ing model numbers are the same).  When I get it all worked out, I’ll post the results (and my missteps when the wounds aren’t so fresh).

…and since I’m very frustrated and feeling inspirationally drained, let’s all cheer up to Surprised Kitty. An oldie but a goodie. I dare you not to smile.


{Insert Clever Title Here}

5 Nov

I feel like I just ran a DIY marathon.  I really need to learn how to relax and not attack EVERYTHING on my to do list in my 2 day weekend.  It makes for some great things to share with you guys though!

I need a day of recovery before I edit photos and write some psuedo-witty narratives, so today you just get a gratuitous kitty shot..

settee charlie

The kittens give their emphatic approval for my latest craigslist purchase.  I can’t wait to show you my find and its new surroundings later this week!

Winter Edition

14 Mar

Ok, so, I’m not so proud of this latest pinterest challenge project, but I loves me a challenge, so I’ll suck it up and show it to you anyway.

Before I get to my latest project, I’ll show you my past Pinterest Challenge successes:

Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition- Custom Plate Art

Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition- Coffee Table Bench

and now onto Pinterest Challege: Winter Edition…..

Kitty Scratcher/Tower

I kinda phoned this one in, I’ll admit.  It’s less of a diy/design project and more of a pathetic attempt of a crazy cat owner to get the bear cat to stop scratching the stairs and upstairs carpets.  I picked this project of the three I was considering only because it was the quickest.  I did some hard-core lounging this weekend (and by hard-core lounging I mean bouts of tv catch-up intermixed with hours of scrubbing my severely neglected house) and didn’t get around to any challenge-related stuff.  It was a DIY free weekend- the first I can remember in recent history- and it was a very welcome change.   But that break left me with Monday night to shop and get something together by today to show you guys so I didn’t COMPLETELY embarrass myself.  Don’t worry, the other projects I was considering will definitely be done, and SOON- I have big plans for them.

The ‘Pin’ that I picked to tackle this time was originally from

I think it won me over partly because the cat in the picture looks a lot like Charlie

I decided to buy 2 different sizes of tubes to play around with it a bit.  This may or may not have been so successful (read: may not have been so successful).  BUT it did give me the opportunity to use a fun carpet sample that would have been too small for one of the larger tubes.  It was just dry enough to take clamps off this morning, so I don’t know yet if the kittens will actually use it, although they have been sniffing around it, so it’s looking hopeful.  They were, however not cooperative models.  Open windows and food dishes were MUCH more interesting.

Consider this post my apology for half-a**ing this season’s challenge, but it’s also a promise.  I VOW that the inevitable Spring Edition of the Pinterest Challenge will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF (or if its warm and you aren’t wearing socks, it’ll blow your shoes/sandals/flip-flops off) so be prepared.

If you haven’t already, hop on over to the lovely ladies who hosted this season’s Challenge and check out their awesome projects.

Katie @ Bower Power Blog’s Watercolor Jellyfish

Sherry @ Young House Love’s Pouf

Cassie @ Hi Sugarplum’s Faux Antlers

Erin @ The Great Indoors’ Mason Jar Candle Chandelier

Seriously AMAZING projects- great job guys!!!



20 Jul

Last week, I neglected to give the proper importance to a major milestone in our lives.

1 year ago last week, as an early anniversary gift to ourselves, Hubby and I adopted our first fur-baby, Daisy.  (Yup, we’re nuts.  It’s fun this way.)

Hubby had cats growing up, but the closest I ever had to a real pet before Daisy was a dog-next-door.

Day 1

She picked us.

We called the Baypath Humane Society ahead of time to make sure we could take a cat home that day.  The woman Hubby spoke to asked him a few questions about what we were looking for and she said she had just the cat for us.  When we got there, she took us right to Daisy.  Although Daisy was a little shy at first, when Hubby picked her up, she immediately started purring.  How could we NOT bring home the little ball of fuzz?!

Daisy was just under a year old and had already had a litter of kittens (the feline version of a teen mom).  She still looked like a kitten herself!

It has been so much fun over the past year seeing her personality blossom.  Much like most cats, she’s a diva and a princess, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We waited until we moved into the house to get a sibling kitty for her to play with and the difference in her was monumental!  She started purring more, cuddling more, and was obviously happier.  Having a brother to chase around the house and beat up suits her very nicely.  Although she’s a few months younger and almost half his size at 8lbs compared to his 13, she’s totally the alpha.

As one of my best friend’s so aptly put it: she filled the fuzzy void that we didn’t know was missing in our lives.

Ok, that’s enough cheese for one day.  Check back Friday for my living room inspiration and ideas.

Knock Knock

3 May

Who’s there?

The cats! They have a new door all to themselves!

Yeah, I know… any post that starts with an exceedingly bad attempt at a knock knock joke doesn’t have a lot of promise.  But if you’re still reading, welcome!

One night this past week, after getting home from work, I decided it was project time.  It was still light out, it was (almost) warm out and I’m solar powered.

Time to break out the trusty jigsaw and have at the basement door!  Yay Power tools!

I’ve had a number of people ask me, after I stated my intention for a cat door into the basement, why we need it.  Let me elaborate:

1.  A closed door (even one with a cat door) is prettier than an open one.  I don’t need to see 50+ year old VCT next to the pretty wood floors.

2. The kitchen is the coldest room in the winter months and the heat vent is right by the basement door.  Why pay to heat the basement?

3. And MOST importantly…. the litter boxes are in the basement which is why the door has been left open.  Litter boxes smell sometimes no matter how clean you keep them (especially when you have a cat like Charlie).  A cat door allows us to close the basement door, allow the cats access to their restrooms, and we don’t have to smell it!

I won’t bore you with the step-by-step.  I presume you’re intelligent, and the process is pretty self explanatory.  (Figure out location, cut hole, attach cat door over hole.)  Most importantly, I’m pleased with the result.

It’ll probably be a few weeks before we use it normally (without taping it open to get the cats used to it), but, hooray, one more thing off my to-do list!!

Another mundane item checked off my to-do list is hemming the sheers in the bedroom windows.

The room ALREADY looks more pulled together without the sheers pooled on the floor.  Now only if I had actual curtains with them…  I’ll work on that next weekend and hopefully give the lonely leaning curtain rods in the picture a purpose in life.

When is a cat dish not just a cat dish?

16 Feb

When it’s intended to be a 4-section serving tray of course!

I spent a decent amount of time on Sunday wandering around Home Goods looking for inspiration.  I always seem to get ideas there, even if I don’t end up with purchases.  I made a lot of mental notes on furniture and decor, and ended up purchasing one item.  Well, I guess technically 2, but it was in 1 box.

*BACKSTORY* When we had just 1 cat, we used rice bowls I had purchased years before at Christmas Tree Shop as Daisy’s dishes- one for dry food, one for wet, and one for water (even though she only drinks out of her water glass on the coffee table, but thats a story for another day).  When we expanded our family to include another fuzzy purring being, we started using more rice bowls.  Charlie is a typical guy (I had no idea that cat’s fell into the gender steriotypes too!)- he’s a messy eater and the bowls ended up in disarray and knocked over with half the food on the floor.  I love my cats, but I don’t need my house messy because of them.

*FLASH BACK TO THE PRESENT* Home Goods to the rescue!!  I found a box with 2 ceramic serving trays for $9.99.  With 4 compartments, it is perfect to have dry food in one, water in another and use the remaining 2 for the dinner rush of their daily wet food.  With 2 serving dishes- one can be in use, while the other is in the dishwasher: PER-FECT! (yes, pun intended, sorry).  Looks worlds better than having 4+ disheveled bowls and these Charlie can’t knock over!

I can just hear what Daisy was thinking: "I'm watching you Charlie. If you dare interrupt my snack you will pay." Daisy is the enforcer in that relationship afterall.


28 Jan

Help! I’m buried in piles of snow, boxes, and clutter and I see no way out!  At least the cats seem to be adjusting well.

Did I mention snow?  Massachusetts got yet another foot of snow Wednesday night.

...and this was AFTER we dug out

Thats it! I surrender Winter- take my driveway as a sacrifice!!