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Craigslist Treasure-hunting

8 Apr

I love spring.  Spring means sunshine, flowers, warmth, and most importantly, TAG SALES!!  The tag sale season has yet to start here (since the weather is still making up its mind about spring), but I am ready and rearing to go!  I’ve been spending a bit more time on craigslist, lately, since I can’t wait for the actual tag sales to begin.  Although I haven’t bought any new pieces (yet), it’s been a while since I shared with you one of my craigslist ‘shopping trips.’

  • I’m thinking about taking this guy home with me for $75.  Hubby’s still not sold on a new dining table, but I think this could look rather sharp.  Mixing some good ol’ midcentury modern in with my traditional room might be just what the design doctor (me) ordered.

cl mcm dining table

  • This industrial storage piece is beautiful, but overpriced at $300.  I’m sure someone will be willing to pay for this awesome piece, but I’m looking for tag sale prices here.  I want a deal! I’d adopt it for $100 – $150 tops.

cl industrial cabinet

  • Don’t you think this weathervane is a STEAL at $299??  Everyone needs a copper dachshund to class up their roof….. (what??)

cl dog weathervane

  • This is listed for sale for $100, although I think you’d have to pay me $1000 to be anywhere near it.  How do you make classic art creepy?  Like this!

cl mona lisa

Now that I’m scarred for life by the Mona Lisa, how about another awesome industrial storage piece.

  • At $275, the price isn’t bad for the size.  I wouldn’t be able to justify the price for my basement work area, so I’ll just fantasize about it instead.  Perhaps I could build something similar this summer.  Perhaps.

cl industrial storage

Have you purchased any awesome pieces lately on Craigslist?  Or have you just been scarred by Monstrous Mona Lisa like I have?


Sitting Pretty

6 Nov

As I mentioned yesterday, my latest craiglist find is a HUGE hit with my furry friends.  Normally they are rather uncooperative models, refusing to smize for the camera, but I think I’ll have trouble getting any pictures of this sofa without at least one of them on it.

craiglist settee

Meet my new settee/apparent cat bed.

Now that my parents once again have a home of their own, our guestroom emptied out and I can begin to transform it into my office/den.  This room houses our second tv and I needed (wanted) a small scale piece of furniture for lounging on when Hubby takes over the living room tv to watch the Celtics (or whatever the current sports season is).  Being the picky designer that I am, I wanted something with style, in good condition, and dirt cheap.  Check, check, and check.  Did I mention dirt cheap?  You can’t do much better than $30 (plus a little sucking up to Hubby to get him to help me pick it up in the rain)

I knew from first sight, that skirt had to go to modernize it. Well, that skirt came off faster than a cheerleader’s on prom night.

settee skirt

Lucky for me, the legs underneath were in awesome condition too.

settee leg

I plan to take a steamer and try and uncrush some of the matted velvet, but, wow, what a difference stripping the skirt makes!

kitten settee

That totally took it from dated to timeless.  AND it fits perfectly in the room!  I love free updates and cheap furniture, don’t you?

The Messy Truth

19 Oct

I’ve been lying to myself for almost 2 years.  I’ve been telling myself that Hubby and I could effectively share one desk in our tiny office.  We shared a desk in our last apartment and it worked out rather well.  But Hubby’s a musician and composer, and his music equipment has multiplied, and guess where it all goes (along with all the stuff displaced from Mom’s room and all of our random messes…. the smallest room collects the most crap… oops).

Once upon a time, we each had half a desk, and my laptop had a home.  Now the keyboard/synthesizer has evicted me and my computer.  As much as I want to, I can’t complain too much, Hubby uses it very often (and he’s VERY good at what he does- you should buy his dubstep songs when he gets them online in the near future).  But that still leaves me with no desk space and no usable home office, just a music studio.  I forfeit!  The office is yours, Hubby.  That mean’s the only room left, the guest room, AKA Mom’s room, will become my domain.  No, we’re not kicking her out- my parents are closing on their new house in 2 weeks (yay for them!  and yay that Mom and I have survived living in the same small house!).

…So, I’ve started thinking about my new office plans.  It’ll need to be a multipurpose space with a sitting area, our 2nd tv, elliptical and now a super duperly organized and inspiring work space.  All within about 100 sf.

One potential for space saving is a secretary desk.  I maaaay have already bought one from craigslist for $20.

craigslist secretary desk

She’s very pretty, but she’s been around the block a few times- she’s in rough shape.  Chipping veneer and cracked wood at the hinges.

secretary desk open

Even though I’m not 100% sold on using such a small desk for myself, for $20 I had to give it a try.  If I decide not to use her for myself, I can totally fix her up a bit and find her a good home.

I guess it’s time for me to dive into pinterest and collect some serious office inspiration!

Furniture Happy Dance

19 Dec

I totally was planning to post picture of my not-so-exciting Christmas tree today, but plans changed for the better.

Did you ever buy an item that makes you want to do a happy dance every time you see it?

Multiply that by 4 and you have my weekend.

I hit the jackpot on craigslist and it makes me giddy.  From one singular seller, I robbed bought 4 pieces of furniture for a grand total of 70 buckaroos.

My loot includes:

  • 2 dressers
  • 1 small cabinet
  • 1 desk (which came with a chair that may or may not be salvageable)

and I already have plans for all 4.

The story began as I perused craigslist looking for a mid-century dresser for my future nephew’s nursery.  My sister’s expecting her first child beginning of May and I’m taking responsibility for the nursery.  I have a picture in my head of mid-century pieces mixed with more traditional elements (much like the nursery I showed here), so off to craiglist I went.

I’ve been stalking craigslist on and off for a few months, but I wasn’t finding anything that spoke to me (or at least not anything that wasn’t ridiculously expensive).  Until this weekend.

My nephew will be the coolest baby on the block with his midcentury dresser and cabinet which will be custom refinished by his awesome auntie.

They both need some significant love, but the bones are there.  At $15 a pop, “no” wasn’t in my vocabulary.

The 3rd item from the same seller is a wonderful dresser that just screamed to me that it needed to hold tools and craft supplies in my in-progress basement work-area.  When furniture yells at you, you listen.

This vintage turquoise gem was also a whopping $15.

The last item is a flipper.  What I  mean by that is: I have no place for this desk, but it has too much potential for me not to bring it out.  It’s my responsibility as a designer to restore this amazing piece to its former glory and let someone else enjoy its beauty.  I’m being melodramatic and overly verbose.  What I really mean is that I’m going to refinish it and sell it. …and hopefully make lots of money.

Its truly amazing in person (I say that of course because I can see past the contact paper top and broken hardware to what it should look like), the picture really does it no justice.  Did I mention I got it for only $25?

After I found these on craigslist and contacted the seller, I was grinning from ear to ear, just ask Hubby.  We had to take 2 trips to get all my goodies, but it was worth it.  It’s probably a good thing that you can’t see me doing my happy dance.  It would be embarrassing.  For both of us.

I have to hurry up and finish my work space so I can get started on all my furniture refinishing projects- now I have even more motivation!

*All the pictures are from the craigslist postings, so please forgive the quality*

Craigslist Show & Tell

29 Jul

Although I’ve only made 1 craigslist purchase (which I still need to refinish….), I have fun checking out the ads pretty reguarly.

Most items that I’m drawn to fall into 2 categories:

#1- Items I would love to have but am far to cheap to pay what they’re worth.


#2- Items that are super cool or weird or otherwise eye-catching but I could (or would) never use.

So now its time for Craigslist show and tell!

Category #1:

Antique Coffee Grinder. Yours for the low sum of $450!

3 Wedgewood plates for $48. $48? Why 48? Why not $50? Why not $45 or $47, or maybe even $42?? I really only want 1 of these for my pintrest challenge project. Maybe I can get 1 for $13 or $17... still more than I want to spend on a plate.

Drool. Too bad I'm to cheap to spend $200 on them. <pout>

Category #2:

Antique pedal grinding wheel- only $100! I imagine it would be fun to use, you'd get a work out, and its cool looking on top of that. I think you should buy it and I'll blog about what you make with it. Deal?

Because everyone need a cow kitchen set. Only $15!

$2225. My favorite part? Picturing the property that it was salvaged from. Go ahead, let your imagination run wild!

What? School chair meets boogie board.... uh, yeah. I have no words.

The less common Category #3 is things I’m actually considering purchasing.  Surprisingly I found one definite and a few more to think about today:

Set of 4 table legs for $10? I think you have a home with me as our future custom office desk.

$150 obo. The table might look kind of cool if I mix it with the chairs in the next picture.

..with reupholstered seats of course, and maybe a fresh coat of brighter paint. $135 for the whole set.

I haven’t quite decided if mixing the farm table and wrought iron chairs would be blow-your-mind-amazing or just a hot mess, so I’ll probably chicken-out on both those purchases.  The table legs are going to be mine though!

What have you bought or seen on Craiglist lately?