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27 Aug

Charlie’s already embraced his new roommate and has spent most of the day in his new favorite spot, under Mom’s bed.

Daisy’s still on the fence.

I hadn’t realized until now, but I never took pictures of what the guestroom looked like before we started prepping for Mom.  It’s been the extra room that houses our 2nd tv, elliptical, and a super comfy chair and a half that took up the whole room.  Aside from the tv, we have really bought nothing for this room.  The chair and a half found a new home with a friend so we could make room for a guest… in the guest room.

If you missed my previous post about our house guest, my parents’ are in the process of relocating to MA from CT to be closer to the cutest nephew ever (oh, and maybe their daughters, but really it’s my nephew’s fault).  Mom’s new job as a school librarian starts today as the new school year gets ready to start.  Since they haven’t found the right house yet, we have a house guest for a bit.

Even though Mom keeps saying not to worry about design since this is only temporary.  I have a feeling some of my ‘extra’ curtains and wall decor will find it’s way in here.

The next few months will be a very interesting social experiment.  This house was not made for 3 adults (and 2 cats), especially since Mom and I haven’t lived under the same roof since I graduated college.  758r^ (That was Daisy’s contribution to today’s post- she likes to prance over the computer as I blog)

It takes a lot of guts to uproot your life after almost 30 years in the same house, decades in the same jobs, and a lifetime in the same town.




Life’s a Happy Song

26 Jul
when there’s someone by your side to sing along!*
3 years can really fly by when you married your best friend
*brownie points if you get the Muppet reference.  Even more if you’ve now broken out in song or have it stuck in your head.  You are welcome.

End of an Era {Mini Home Tour}

25 Jul

My parents have lived in the same house for almost 29 years, in the same town they grew up in, in the same town their parents grew up in.  Then both their daughters moved to Massachusetts.  See where this is going?

It’s official.  My parents are moving to MA!  My mom has a job (as an elementary school librarian) starting in the fall, they’ve listed my childhood home (already gotten a few offers), and even put in an offer on a house in between my sister and me.  The pieces are falling into place.

Before they uproot and put their stamp on a new house, I want to showcase some vignettes and vintage treasures surrounding them in the house my sister and I grew up in.

The chair in front was Handy Dad’s $20 brimfield find last year. Looks amazing after being refinished and reupholstered, don’t you think?

They picked up this desk on the side of the road, refinished it and made a new top for it.

Is my personality beginning to make sense?  I think my antiques/DIY gene lay dormant until I had a house of my own to fill.

Another trash to treasure side of the road find.

Mom’s collection of Fiestaware and vintage dishes

I realized when looking at this picture that the bench has evolved in my lifetime. When I was little, there was a heart cutout on the back. I have a feeling my mom commissioned Handy Dad to fashion a new back for it when she got sick of hearts.

Even the finished basement did not escape vintage treasures. This hope chest was my great grandmothers and the mirror is a recent tag sale purchase.

We gave this chair to Mom a few years ago as a mothers day gift. Thanks Craigslist!

My parents are obviously fans of vintage fans. This one has been rewired and is 100% functional. The sewing machine (which is folded down into a compartment under the top) is also 100% functional and operates via foot pedal.

I guess I don’t have to wonder too much where my garden fixation came from

There will certainly be some awesome transformations once they move into a new house.  I’ll be sure to share them all with you!

Belated Weekend Update

22 Mar

I am pleased to say I finally have the house in a place where I won’t be embarrassed to have friends over for dinner!  So if you are one of my loyal yet patient friends, give me a call and we can plan a date.  If you aren’t, maybe we should be friends ;-).

Friday’s weather was a tease… it SNOWED here yesterday.  Just when I finally got rid of every last bit of white on my property…   Winter sends me to the doldrums and I’m ready for green, warm, and SUN!  I’m solar powered.  But I digress (for now).

Back to the point of this post.  Saturday my loving parents came to visit for the first time since moving day- and I didn’t put them to work!  Shocking, I know, but after painting 2 rooms and shoveling feet from my driveway before we even moved, I thought they deserved a reprieve.  We did take an adventure to the Cambridge Antique Market.  Fun place to check out, but I sadly walk out with nothing.  Mom was the only one who bought something- a bowl for $17.   Doesn’t it look so cute in her cabinet (refinished curb-side find) surrounded by the other antiques?

Sunday was productive and frustrating.  I’ve finally started to hang some curtains and pictures, and at least move items to their destination room.  The living room got 2 new pieces of art I found at… you guessed it… HomeGoodsI’ve hung the aforementioned brown curtains in there as well and it just looks wrong.  I’m on the hunt for something lighter, brighter, and textural for the windows, but after going to just about every store I could think of that would carry inexpensive curtains (this was the very frustrating part of my weekend), I’ve accepted that they’ll be an online purchase.

In moving art and misc decorative items to their respective rooms, I was able to clear them out of the dining room and actually see the space as it was intended for the first time.  The dining room is the only room that will fit the piano, so that forces the table off-center from the space.  We’ll have to get a new chandelier and swag it above the table at some point.  I have BIG plans for the old chandelier, but you’ll just have to wait and find out!  Seeing the space finally clutter-free, I’m even more convinced of my plan for the dining room table: a bench on one side, 2 matching(maybe) chairs with arms (possibly uphostered) on either end, and 2 other mismatched chairs.  All the seating elements will be tied together with a common color or fabric or something.  Tag sales (or garage sales, or yard sales, or whatever you call them) HERE I COME!

Last room that I’m getting excited about is the bedroom.  I can see a Hollywood regency theme coming together before my eyes (or at least in my mind, lol).  Hanging up this mirror between the windows made me very happy.  Ad that to the sexy gray walls and the oversized black furniture and I know exactly what the room needs.  Whether or not I can find the items I want will be the real battle.  I need to do some local investigating for awesome off-the-beaten-path design resources.

Gnocchi Day 2011

3 Mar

Now that I’m feeling better after a few days of sickness, its time to post my exploits from last weekend.

Once a year, my sister and I get together with our 2 closest cousins (on our dads side) and have a Gnocchi Day.  We are the “4 Girls”- the only 4 grandchildren on that side and, after my birthday in April, will be once again in sequential age order- Me: 27, Cousin Erica: 28, Sister Lisa: 29, Cousin Kelly: 30.  Grandma was the Italian cook and would routinely cook for 5 times the amount of people in attendance any given holiday.  One of our favorite dinner treats was Gnocchi (yum) and we all fondly recall Grandma in a gnocchi-making frenzy with the little dough balls coating her countertop and flour all over her apron.  Before Grandma died, my sister was lucky enough to get a private gnocchi lessen from the Master.

Flash forward to our 4th Annual Gnocchi Day!  Girls only, no boys allowed!

This year we had our first new (miniature) addition to Gnocchi Day: my cousin Kelly’s 4 month old cutie pie, Whitney.

My sister, Lisa, holding Whitney who is VERY enthralled with the mixer. Uncooked gnocchi surrounded by our flour covered 'workspaces' are in the foreground.

Ingredients: lots of potatos, flour, an egg, a bit of salt, 4 silly cousins, and 1 cute baby.

Pasta for dummies: when the gnocchi float, they're DONE!

The final product- YUM! Our best year yet- the trick? Don't boil the potatos, dont bake the potatos, microwave them! This is only a small fraction of what we made. In true Grandma form, we made enough to send home with each of us and our parents!