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Sugar High

6 May

Clark’s MLS listing is LIVE!!!  That means I have only a few days to scramble and finish everything on my To Do list before the open house Saturday!  Friday I’ll be sharing the complete reveal- are you as excited as I am?  You should be!

I’m definitely looking forward to a mini-‘vacation’ as we look for our next flip, though.  I gave myself this whole weekend off and I’m not sure my body knew what to do with itself.  Maybe after this week I’ll finally get to my neglected projects around here (I’m talking to you sexy secretary desk).

I was originally planning to save this for my Pinterest Challenge post on Wednesday, but why wait?  I might even to a second project for the pinterest challenge then too.  We’ll see.


Guess who turned ONE on Cinco de Mayo!

Eli birthday

Yup, Cutest Nephew Ever, Eli, celebrated his first birthday this weekend.  And Auntie Karen was tasked with the cake(s).

I may not cook, but I do bake every blue moon.  The last fancy cake I made was for my friend’s baby shower 2.5 year ago, so I guess it was about time.

The main cake was inspired by animal prints that I made for his nursery last year, modeled after ones I saw on Etsy.  (decorations are gumpaste and the frosting is this recipe.  There was also a penguin face on the other side that I didn’t get a pic of)  I really like how this cake came out

elis cake

but Eli’s smash cake just makes me smile

elis one

Smartie pants figured out what to do with it pretty quickly and required a wardrobe change after the mess he made (the way it should be!)

eli cake

Pinterest was a GREAT inspiration for these cakes because I was kind of figuring out the designs as I went along.  These pins were my top inspirations for his little cake:

I’m very pleased to say that all of the huge cake and Eli’s cake were gone by the end of the party- I even saw people going back for seconds!

Oh, and if you need a great stress reliever, throwing handfuls of sprinkles at a mini cake is definitely a good time.  Just sayin…

Are you planning on participating in the Pinterest Challenge this season?  I’d love to see your projects! Link them up in the Comments section!


Holla at my Peeps

22 Apr

Ahhh Spring at last.  Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and Peeps are combusting.

Wait…… What??…..

Let me break it down for you.  Spring is also the time of year when stores become overrun with sugary, colorful marshmallow Peeps.  So where, you may ask, does the combusting come in?


Microwave + Peeps = delicious hilarity

So, today I will answer for you, the age old question:

How do you blow up a Peep?

You begin with an unsuspecting Peep on a microwave safe plate.  They look so peaceful before they realize their fate.

Into the microwave he goes.  I did learn a valuable lesson through this process: It is very difficult to take a picture of something in the microwave!  Who knew?!  Well, here’s my attempt to show you how gigantic a few measly electromagnetic waves will make a Peep.

It takes less than 30 seconds to achieve the ideal Peep inflation.  In order to get a clear picture, I hit the open button and snapped a picture as fast as I could.  Trust me when I say, he’s already shrinking at this point (although still amusingly over-sized).

As long as you haven’t charred your Peep and it’s a rock of burnt marshmallow on your plate, now you get to enjoy the warm gooey-ness that is microwaved Peeps.  Watch out, its HOT!  That’s what compelled me to grab a fork and go to town in it.

Hubby: “Are you eating it like spaghetti??  You crazy goyim.”  Me:”Don’t hate.  It’s delicious!”


In addition to my own Peep exploits, I though I would expand your culinary knowledge and expose you to a few relatively new terms:  S’meeps, and Peepshi.  I didn’t make them up, I swear!

S’meeps are naturally s’mores which use Peeps as the marshmallows.

Peepshi, or Peep Sushi, may be the most delightful culinary discovery of the last decade!  Well, I may be exaggerating a little, but how awesome is this?!?!

Is your mind blown yet??  Both of the above dessert delights are brought to you from where they apparently celebrate Peeps for an entire week each year!  Some of their other Peep creations include Peepza and deep fried Peeps… a website after my own heart.

But enough about Peeps for today.  Hope you have a happy Easter, or whatever holiday you celebrate or don’t celebrate!

Gnocchi Day 2011

3 Mar

Now that I’m feeling better after a few days of sickness, its time to post my exploits from last weekend.

Once a year, my sister and I get together with our 2 closest cousins (on our dads side) and have a Gnocchi Day.  We are the “4 Girls”- the only 4 grandchildren on that side and, after my birthday in April, will be once again in sequential age order- Me: 27, Cousin Erica: 28, Sister Lisa: 29, Cousin Kelly: 30.  Grandma was the Italian cook and would routinely cook for 5 times the amount of people in attendance any given holiday.  One of our favorite dinner treats was Gnocchi (yum) and we all fondly recall Grandma in a gnocchi-making frenzy with the little dough balls coating her countertop and flour all over her apron.  Before Grandma died, my sister was lucky enough to get a private gnocchi lessen from the Master.

Flash forward to our 4th Annual Gnocchi Day!  Girls only, no boys allowed!

This year we had our first new (miniature) addition to Gnocchi Day: my cousin Kelly’s 4 month old cutie pie, Whitney.

My sister, Lisa, holding Whitney who is VERY enthralled with the mixer. Uncooked gnocchi surrounded by our flour covered 'workspaces' are in the foreground.

Ingredients: lots of potatos, flour, an egg, a bit of salt, 4 silly cousins, and 1 cute baby.

Pasta for dummies: when the gnocchi float, they're DONE!

The final product- YUM! Our best year yet- the trick? Don't boil the potatos, dont bake the potatos, microwave them! This is only a small fraction of what we made. In true Grandma form, we made enough to send home with each of us and our parents!