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The Evening

13 Jan

Next week I’ll have some new and exciting posts to show you as the house starts coming together.  For today, enjoy the music video for Hubby’s band, The Evening.

Hopefully it will inspire you to come to the Middle East tonight and check them out, or download their single, Something New from Amazon or iTunes.


Enough snow already!

12 Jan

Happy snow day to most of you!  I hope you weren’t as crazy as me who fought my way into work (alth0ugh not until noon).  Had no problem taking the commuter rail, but walking to the end of the street to get to the station was the toughest part.  Enjoy these images I took on the short trek through the un-shoveled outdoors.

There's a Jeep there in the driveway somewhere

The decent to the train

Hubby’s a trooper- even though he has the day off work, after digging out the covered Jeep from the above pic, he headed over to the house to dig out as much as possible.

Time for a shameless plug:

Hubby’s band, The Evening is playing at The Middle East in Cambridge tomorrow night.  Stop by and enjoy some awesome music.  They’re REALLY REALLY good, I promise!

Pack, Pack, Organize, and Pack More

11 Jan

I refuse to bring anything to the house that is not somewhat organized.  Practical, yes, but also time consuming.

Check out some of these organization tips and resources that I’ve been finding inspiration in:

Apartment Therapy: 6 Ways to Make Space for the New– Need to reduce your clutter?  Ask yourselves these simple questions.

The Happiness Project: One Minute Rule– This is one of my rules to live by now!

Zen Habits: 5 Ways to Lose Your Stuff (Not Your Lover)


To me, decluttering my surroundings helps to declutter my head as well.  If my space is cluttered, you can generally bet that my state of mind matches.  As long as I can remember, I’ve functioned this way, although I first recognized this  in college.  I’d be in the midst of a demanding design project during which I would have let me dorm room explode in chaos and would inevitably hit a mental block.  Before I could get over the hump and continue on to productivity, the items of clutter around me needed to find their way to their respective homes.  Its amazing what you can focus on when your environment is a pleasant one.

By starting our life in the new house as organized as possible, I’m hoping to set up a home that will help us grow (even when we hit life’s little road blocks).

This week

10 Jan

I’m apologizing ahead of time, I’m afraid my posts this week will be rather uneventful.  Any free moment will be spent packing and any mental free moment will be spent trying to coordinate Saturday’s Big Move.  Ok, so maybe a few free moments will be spent thinking about a new cat.  Daisy needs a sibling and my thought process is that if we get a new cat as close to move-day as possible than we won’t be putting Daisy through 2 major transitions, just one…  That’s my hope at least.  Pending any issues, we hope to adopt this ‘little’ guy currently named Elf.

Elf at Guardian Angels Cat Rescue

I am pleased to say I had an extremely productive weekend house-wise.  My wonderful parents and sister pitched it quite a bit of time yesterday to help Hubby and I get set for the Big Move.  Carpets got shampooed (major stains are GONE!), kitchen cabinets are on their way to being filled, the closet door now latches.  We have a dishwasher and new faucet ordered and a countertop extension (for above said dishwasher) in production to be installed tentatively on the 22nd.  I think I just need to start a tab at one of the home improvement stores.

One silly thing that makes me giddier than it should is the master closet.  By ripping down some old trim and shelving (and having some plaster fall out of the wall in the process) I was able to add a closet organizing system and effectively triple the space.  I’m still waiting on 1 part that my sister is donating to me (an unused piece from her own closet).  Once I start getting clothes in and all the pieces together, I’ll share some before and after pictures.

This week will consist of a lot of packing the remaining items and trying not to get stressed out too badly.  I will say, today has been a very good start to the week.  If the rest of the week can remain at this level, I’ll be a very happy camper.

Organizing thoughts in Resolution form.

5 Jan

I’m generally not one to make resolutions- or at least not ones that make it out of my mind and get verbalized or written down. I’m on an organization kick because of moving, so why not organize my thoughts in addition to all my worldly possessions?
Here goes…

In 2011, I resolve to:
1. Sing more. It used to be a tough task to shut me up when I was futzing about the house cleaning or doing my own thing (as Hubby affectionately calls it- “Karen-ing about”). I’ve realized that as the years have passed I find myself singing less and groaning more. Time to reverse that evolution and start finding enjoyment in the everyday (even if they do include laundry or dusting).

2.(Re)Develop healthier habits. Gym was once a dear friend and confidant.  Somehow I’ve gotten out of my healthy routines- life seems to disrupt routines.  2010 was my worst fitness year by far.  Why?  Excuses.  April, I started a new job: routine disrupted.  June, Hubby started new job: more disruption and adapting.  July, we adopted Daisy kitten: more adapting and distractions (of the purring fuzzy kind).  No more excuses!  We have an elliptical for quick workouts.  A gym right by work for longer ones.  We have a stove to cook healthy meals and a refrigerator to store fresh foods.  I am leaving my excuses and unhealthy habits at the apartment when we move in 11 days.

3.Send cards and generally be more thoughtful toward others. We all have a tendency to get caught up in our own little worlds.  I’m guilty.  My goal is to put a smile on the faces of those around me more often.

4.Push myself. …to try new things.  …to venture outside of my comfort zone.  …to not settle for the status quo.

5. Blog daily. WordPress is challenging its users to Post a Day.  Challenge accepted!  I’m going strive to post on this blog every day for all of 2011 and I’ll need all the encouragement you can give me.  If you like what you read, “Like” the post.  Want to see something on this blog?  Let me know!  Want more info on something already posted?  Leave a comment!  Enjoying what you read?  Share with friends.  Want tips or advice on your own space?  Send me your questions.  The intention of this blog is to enjoy the journey and see where it leads me.