DIY Checklist

Our house is (according to the estimated public records) 110 years old but has been mostly renovated.  Time for me to put my own spin on it!  The projects below are immediate projects (like a dishwasher) as well as eventual (dry-walling the bedroom).

If this is my list of projects for an already renovated house, imagine how long the list would be if it wasn’t renovated! PHEW!

I will cross items off and post pictures (if applicable) as they are completed.  And away we go!!!!


  • Remove trim and doors from wall openings, drywall over.
  • Move fridge.
  • Install dishwasher and extend Silestone countertop.
  • Fix exterior door frame @ back door.
  • Paint kitchen- color TBD.
  • Install outdoor propane tank for a new gas stove.
  • Replace cabinets.
  • Replace appliances
  • Install cat door in basement door.
  • Replace light fixtures.
  • Make roman shade for window.


  • Remove existing carpet from stairs, install runner.
  • Refinish stairs & railing.
  • Replace light fixture.
  • Install paneling going up the stairs?
  • Paint/replace closet doors.


  • Remove ceiling fan and replace with light fixture.  Fix switching.
  • Hang surround sound speakers and possibly TV.
  • Purchase new TV stand.
  • Restuff couch back cushions.
  • Paint.
  • Purchase new light (moving the current one to the office).
  • Purchase/hang artwork (ongoing).
  • Replace coffee table.
  • Replace chair, maybe find one to reupholster.
  • Paint shadow stripe paint treatment.


  • Paint.
  • Built in china cabinet/liquor cabinet.
  • Refinish current liquor cabinet.
  • Potential Board and Batten on walls (picture rail instead)
  • Install digital thermostat.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Install new light and swag over the table.
  • Refinish mismatched dining chairs.


  • Paint.
  • Replace vanity top and sink.
  • Install water efficient shower head.


  • Paint- color TBD.
  • Get new desk chairs.
  • Hang gallery wall of pictures.
  • Hang roman shade and curtains.
  • Make custom desk.
  • Replace cushion on red sidechair.
  • Replace light fixture (from living room when that gets replaced).

BEDROOM (the only room with the original plaster walls and ceilings, and non-updated outlets)

  • Closet organization unit.
  • Paint- color TBD.
  • Build down ceiling to improve lighting and conceal cracked plaster.
  • Dry-wall walls and upgrade wiring and outlets.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Replace light fixture.


  • Closet organization unit.
  • Paint- color TBD.
  • Hang roman shade and curtains.
  • Get new flat panel TV.
  • Find dresser or armoire to refinish.


  • Repair loose stair.
  • Replace doorbells.
  • Repair cement around bulkhead.
  • Add barriers in gardens to keep mulch away from cellar windows.
  • Vegetable garden in sideyard.
  • Rip out front bushes.
  • Flower gardens.
  • Fix chimney exterior.


  • Replace non-fitting or builder-basic heating vents with vintage cast iron.
  • Shampoo carpets.
  • Install central air.

3 Responses to “DIY Checklist”

  1. The Handyguys 01.03.2011 at 3:39 pm #

    wow, quite a list. Good luck with it.

  2. Eugenie Street 10.17.2012 at 8:52 am #

    Hi from France – This is great! I browse through blogs on wordpress, come accross yours and the blog name hits a spot so I look around, and see this to do list! I have the same one for our home here ! We started renovation in March, moved in in July, but there is still a lot to do! Some of my posts are both in French and English. Well good luck on ticking your list 🙂

  3. Eugenie Street 10.17.2012 at 8:53 am #

    Sorry the to do list is here:

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